OSHA Confined Space Training for General Industry & Construction

Appearing below are links to the OSHA 1910 general industry standards for permit-required confined space entry.


  • 1910.146, Permit-required confined spaces
    • Appendix A, Permit-required confined space decision flow chart
    • Appendix B, Procedures for atmospheric testing
    • Appendix C, Examples of permit-required confined space programs
    • Appendix D, Confined space pre-entry check list
    • Appendix E, Sewer system entry
    • Appendix F, Rescue team or rescue service evaluation criteria (Non-mandatory)

    Here are links to some other OSHA 1910 general industry standards that specifically mention work conducted inside a confined space:



    Bear in mind that other OSHA general industry standards, such as but not limited to, lockout tagout, respiratory protection, hazardous substances, haz-com, and PPE, could apply to your confined space entry operations. Refer to the OSHA standards to determine all related standards that apply to your work.